Cantervilla Castle (Pikajärve Manor)

Cantervilla Loss (Pikajärve Mõis)

Estonia Põlva County

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    THEME PARK- The outlying buildings and grounds of the fairytale Cantervilla Castle are home to a theme park and playland reflecting the manor period.

    Pikajärve manor, which is also known as the Cantervilla Castle, is probably one of the cosiest manors in Estonia. The main building (built in 1908) and the vivid quarry stone outbuildings are on a landscape filled with beautiful dome-shaped hillocks, high up on the shore of a lake. The walls of the halls of the eye-catching main building are decorated with landscape paintings and portraits, antique furniture and the light from the chandeliers add festivity and romance. The manor is private property at the moment and operates as an establishment for holding different events and offers accommodation.

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