Põhjaka Manor

Põhjaka mõis

Estonia Järva County

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    • Architectural style

      early classicist
    • Construction

      19th century
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    When the three chefs Märt, Ott and Joel discovered Põhjaka Manor in the early spring of 2007, the building, dating back to the year 1820, was in a rather poor condition. Windows and doors had been veneered and boarded up, half of the wood flooring was stolen, the fine stoves had been plundered and carried away.. Despite all this, the chefs were convinced that the old manor would be a perfect place to open a restaurant. It took them three years to construct and renovate the building with their own hands. Sometimes friends came to help and so the manor was given the new shape as one can see today. The restaurant was opened in 2010. By now the chefs have proven to eveyone (themselves included) that is it possible to prepare deliscious food using nothing else but local Estonian raw material, being thus wholely dependent on seasons. Therefore in the winter more filling meals are prepared, during summer time we serve lighter food – all the fresh and green that our fields and forest have to offer. Not to mention the vast amounts of preserves that are stored in our cellar, so that the juices, compotes and jams could be enjoyed in the winter! Much game is used in our kitchen. By now we have our own garden and farm land, as well as a chicken coop. From this spring also four piglets can be heard oinking in the yard.

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      The history of Põhjaka manor starts at the beginning of the 19th century. According to different sources the manor was separated from another manor (Koordi Manor) from the same parish in 1811, 1813 or 1814. The first owner of Põhjaka Manor was Paul Gotthard von Dücker, but only for a few years.

      In 1816 a rittmeister, count Karl Gusav Mellin bought the manor for 32 000 rubles. In the time of Karl Gustav Mellin junior the construction of the main house began and the classical manor house was finished in 1820. The interesting fact is, that the main door is not on the main facade but at the end of the building. In 1827 count Mellin sadly put the manor in pledge.

      In 1828 the manor was bought for 26 000 rubles by a medical doctor Christoph Heinrich Rinne and his family owned the manor til the end of the 19th century. In 1847 the manor was classified as a knights manor and the new owner was the previous owners' son - medical doctor Carlos Rinne.

      In 1858 the last soul list in Estonia was made an according to that only 71 souls were livingin Põhjaka manor (all Estonian peasants) - 31 male and 40 female. The soul list consists of only two parts - the manor people and the Põhjaka Village

      In 1884 baron Konstantin Stackelberg from a neigbouring Palu manor bought Põhjaka manor and from that time on these two manor wee functioning as one. There was no independent Põhjaka knight manor anymore, only a herd mansion of the Palu manor. Konstantin Stackelberg died in 1909 and the last owner of the manor became his son Leo. The Von Stackelberg family owned the manor until nationalization in 1919.