Take a look at our editor selection of spectacular castles and manors from around the world.

Best selection of Estonian manors

You are planning to visit Estonia? Maybe you are already here ? Would you like to see the best Estonia has to offer in regard to old and historic buildings outside the capital. You're in luck. Our editors top picks for a quick visit to Estonian creme de la creme of manors are presented here.

Olustvere Manor

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Estonia Viljandi County

Olustvere manorial estate complex with its numerous buildings and park with many species is situated in the heart of Olustvere.

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Vihula Manor

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Estonia Lääne-Viru County

Vihula Manor is located in North Estonia, on the coast of the Baltic sea, just 90 km from the Estonian capital, Tallinn – an hour’s scenic drive through picturesque countryside and ancient forests. This charming estate is idyllically situated in the north-eastern corner of the beautiful Lahemaa National Park, with sandy beaches, mossy pine forests, majestic wetlands, ancient fishermen’s villages and centuries-old manors.

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Keila-Joa Castle (Schloss Fall)

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Estonia Harju maakond

“At the sea shore, along the hilly landscape, surrounded by oak and chestnut woods, above the rocky side of the river, in the opposite of the loud sparkling waterfall, stands a mansion with a tall tower, with terraces and balconies, in the fairy gothic architectural style…..” These are the words of Count Volkonsky about Castle Fall, or Schloss Fall, as it got it’s name from german language.

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Palmse manor

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Estonia Lääne-Viru County

A unique manor complex boasting 36 buildings with both English and French parks on 52 hectares in the possession of Foundation Museums of Virumaa...

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Spanish castles in all their glory

Ever thought about getting an overview of the most exquisite Spanish castles? Here is your chance.

The Royal Alcazar of Segovia

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Spain CL

Time and history were its architects, together with the Kings of the House of Burgundy, the Trastámara, the Habsburgs and the Bourbons. Conceived as fortress first, then turned into royal palace and State prison after that, but also served as Royal College of Artillery and became military Historical Archive some time later, until today. The Royal Alcazar of Segovia is a symbol of the art and the history of Spain, and one of its most visited monuments.

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Sobroso Castle

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Spain GA

The castle is located in Vilasobroso, a village in the municipality of Mondariz, belonging to the comarca of O Condado. It sits on Landín Hill, overlooking the Condado valley, right up to the Portuguese border. Due to its strategic position, the castle was known as "the key of the Kingdom of Galicia

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Guadamur Castle

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Spain CM

This is a magnificent example of a 15th-century fortress with an Italian influence in the Toledo area.

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Sant Marçal Castle

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Spain CT

The magnificent gardens lend themselves to a great variety of stagings. Each event thus becomes a unique, exclusive experience, since each client designs his or her event to measure. The castle annex was recently remodelled with the help of the recognized interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is inspired by the French orangeries attached to palaces and castles in France, where lavish family celebrations were held.

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