• Palmse manor

    Estonia Lääne-Viru County

    A unique manor complex boasting 36 buildings with both English and French parks on 52 hectares in the possession of Foundation Museums of Virumaa...

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    Egeskov Estate: 1,150 ha. Castle and park: 20 ha. Number of rooms in the castle: 66 Number of windows in the castle: 200 Number of panes of glass in the castle: 2,062 Number of bathrooms in the castle: 6 Number of doors in the castle: 171 The depth of the moat max.: 5 metres Number of mazes: 2 The age of the hedges max.: 280 years The height of the hedges max.: 8 metres Fuchsia, number of varieties in the garden: 1.375 Tree Top Walking, length: 100 metres Tree Top Walking, height: 15 metres Number of employees on the estate in season: 120 Veteran Car Museum, large effects: 350 Museum exhibition area: 10,000 m2 Museum, elevation to ceiling max.: 20 metres  

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